47 Meters Down yify Movie Torrent Download

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47 Meters Down yify Movie Torrent Download

47 Meters Down

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47 Meters Down

47 meters DownTwo sisters Kate and Lisa go on a Mexican holiday and have the opportunity to go scuba diving to see great white sharks. But their pleasure trip turns into a nightmare when breast observation cleans the ship and go to the bottom of dnaakiyan. Caught 47 metersunder water with less than one hour in oxygen tanks, sisters must find the way back to the surface.


Classification: NA

General Release Date: June 29, 2017

Genre: Thriller

time: not available

Distributor: GSC Movies

Starring: Mendi Mur, Kler Holt, Mettyu Modin, Santiago Segura

director:Johannes Roberts

Format: 2D

Two sisters, who live in Mexico, got shark cage on the ocean floor. With less than an hour remaining oxygen and there are great white sharks in the area, they have to fight to survive.

sostryKeyt and Lisa are ready for the holiday of life in Mexico. If the possibilitygo diving to see great white ajkulaPodaroci, KateBij bounces opportunity while Lisa does some convincing. Lisa finally agreed and the girls are quick two hours from the coast and blizkatvar face with a ferocious predator by nature. But what isvisit at the end of all journeys, it will soon become a nightmare when the cell is released from the ship and go to the bottom of the ocean. Kate and Lisa deep water caught with less than an hour they kislarodetanki. They imaatnekako work, how to get back to the safety of the ship OFTHE shark waters from 47 meters.

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