Cossacks II Anothlogy GOG torrent download

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Seeds 37 Peers 44 Health

Cossacks II Anothlogy GOG torrent download

Cossacks II Anothlogy GOG

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Cossacks II Anothlogy GOG


About this game

Soldiers of the 19th century led to glory is the sequel to the internationally renowned Cossacks much-awaited: European Wars. Or fight as a very disciplined Grande Armenia Napoleon continued Russian Cossack cavalry and their hero, Austria, Britain, Prussia or Egypt, the challenge can be daunting if you master the weapons and tactics during the redefined modern warfare.

key features

– Huge battles in history – Fight through battles of the 19th century, with massive armies clash in various types of terrain and weather.

– The number of game play – Enjoy a strategic campaign to dominate Europe, following in the footsteps of emperors and generals in the history of the struggle inspired, or brought out into open war.

– There’s more to gain if fighting – Learn to weaken your enemies economically before the first gun burst was fired. Means agreements, drawn up treason, or just buy the loyalty of your opponents.

– Realistic Troop Morale System – Only led troops are doomed to live long enough to grow in experience and valuable battlefield assets.

system requirements

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