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Outlast portable Download


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Outlast – this is a first-person horror game borrowing from classic amnesia, and the seasons, with new features that give it a certain individuality.

Outlast needs the madness of violence and death that prevail in oorleefskuiling neglected. With reasonable plot, very good control and a variety of buttocks, promissory Outlast – the worst game ever made. But is he?

Blood, gut and blood

Initially very strah.Igra slaagdat you are a dead end of theStar, Miles Upshur County, and make sure not easily (it’s kind of a point). History is common, but it is very effective on the screen, especially for very realistic blood and gore scenes. Outlast – is not a game for the weak in heart: it is a tough, brutal and becomes under your skin regtig.

Now Outlast makes a mistake, he should never do in any horror game: routine. For the first time vseNovy, terrible, unpleasant and bad, and it’s really a terrible thing, what makes youHair up your beat. But after the first shock, Outlast slides in a routine. Their “scared” resources have dried up quite quickly, so every challenge in the game is a small change in the previous one, which means that every time they overcome the same thing: “Go there, activate lever lever and repeat”.

Outlast – very linear. Can not find an article You can move freely, open the door or the entrance hall, which you should not. Your linearity Have two clear goals: first you have to haveFear If the game does not control what you are doing or where you go, you can unleash some unexpected events that prevent you from jumping from your chair.

The second effect of this linearity is that if you look closely at Outlast, you will see that it’s just a giant puzzle. Each section of the game has a certain order, and if you do not do it, you probably do not intend to survive. Search for “invisible mode” – the small thing that implies the tracking of handfoot, hidden in closets or under the chairs, evasionOr deformed hardloopvir his life in a strong career – it is the key to progress in the game.

Outlast is not trying (or can not) terrified Psychology that for the first hour. After passing the initial trauma, Outlast – is just an intestine, blood and mutation, followed by many terror, time up, a scary volume.

This is not necessarily bad, because Outlast knows how to activate this series and leave it on its naiberrating. But unlike other games, such as Amnesia (degreeBetekenisvoldie of reference for the game genre), where it really becomes a reality in the field of play and cover the plot, Outlast just have to go easy “BOO! Bang You!” Moments.

Realistic movement

One of the highlights ofOutlastEto management of elements and how they affect the game. Despite the fact that he plays in the same way as in other games of the first man, our movements on the screen are very realistic: swinging the body, knots, supporting on the floor, or rounded corners when he ran and looked back.Using all realism kontrolesoor, movement of people and is firm in the poor Miles place.

The video camera will be the only tool in the game. It allows you to see in the dark in infrared mode, but the batteries run out, when you use it and you have to vindvervanging the plane. Using the camera offers a very painful Outlast momentum, but it is unlikely to run for drumming, since the game balances the level of difficulty in offering you the battery when you need it most.

GraphicsRemarkable and they are powerful

Outlast use Unreal Engine 3. It is well used and generally very good. Even better, some mid-level teams can hit the limit, but still enjoy otlichnympredstavlenie.

SpelDit combines light and shade, and an infrared camera with excellent effect (very realistic filter camera). It is also worth mentioning the blood on the walls, spread the bodies on the place, the value and the most interesting things you can see on your travels.

The general, Outlast has great graphics,Characterized by irritants, small specific problems for Unreal Engine 3, such as physical objects that do not exist (curtains that look like wall … aarrgh!)

When it comes to sound – a real star all terrible games – very strong. The conversations are scary, the votes of another world not cries, steps, things, all focused on how to give it a terrible experience.


Survive – a great game to scare you, and jyoomblikke make wait a long time. All productsThey are remarkable iHotya a very linear game, not distracting from the excellent level design. Control and some scenes really stand out.

Is Outlast – the best alletyd terror game? After all, that depends on who plays and how they are sensitive. But anyway, if you like the genre, you have to attack it.

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