Siam Square 2017 fast-dl free movie download torrent

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Siam Square 2017 fast-dl free movie download torrent

Siam Square 2017

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Siam Square 2017

Siam Square. A popular place, students are noisy, but when the evening falls, it turns into a terrible bottom – Siam Square during the day. Young students need to believe that the introduction of the cult of evil to a national exam. Most likely, the ability of passing the examinations by handituhari red binding to a specific chair. A group of students who do not believe in superstition, he finds a chair and tries ritual, one of themIs hunted and dead ending. At the same time, sluhiGovoryatde evil spirit of a girl who disappeared for three decades now returns to the streets late at night.

Language: Thai

Format: P13

General Date: June 8, 2017

Genre: Horror

Duration: 1 hour 52 minutes

Distributor: RAM Entertainment

Actors: Purim Rattanaruangvattana, Nuthasit Kotimanuvanich, Tanabordi Jaya Sornarin Ploy, Eysayya Hosuvan, Thanyavi Chunyasavadikul, Atihun Adulpokatorn, Morakot Liu

Direction: Pyro Humvan

Format: 2D

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