WhatsApp 0.2 puff puff Free Download Torrent

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WhatsApp 0.2 puff puff Free Download Torrent

WhatsApp 0.2

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WhatsApp 0.2

Typically, the most popular WhatsApp messaging application is only used on mobile phones (Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry), but with the new version for Mac and PC applications, you can use the desktop. All you have to do is just install the applicationWhatsApp, so you can chat with your friends right from your Mac or Windows PC. Although it seems to work well so far, far from perfection.

WhatsAppMtandao is now a native application

Maybe foseXa knowledge of WhatsApp Web: a version that can be used by the browser. Whatsapp for PC is the same, but they should notOpen browser to use it.

Whatsapp for PC is also similar to the mobile version of the app that should be used every day, of course, it will take a lot of time to get to work. The hiliinatoa offers everything you expect to see (only the big screen) and gives you the opportunityCommunicate, receive and send photos, documents and information, create and manage groups, change profile photos, etc.

Everything looks good, but there are some usage restrictions. For example, it does not allow sharing your place or allow you to add new contacts.

So,Although this WhatsApp for PCchaguo makes life a little easier, and not something that will change your device in the near future.

Everything except one

To get started with the PC version of the program, you must first scan the QR code using your mobile device, as you would with WhatsApp Web. If you have any questions aboutThis process, for full study, click here.

Baadaskanning code, WhatsApp is a registered account on your phone and a new assistant on your computer and you can start talking.

The options in the computer version are very benArranxado (similar to WhatsApp for Android). The truth is that this will not take much effortOn your part to find what you need, and it’s just nice to talk to the level due to the speed with the keyboard. If you have a webcam and / or microphone, you also have a uwezekanokutuma photo / video / audio clip.

Another interesting thing about using a PC version is that an Internet connection,As a rule, faster than those that are mobile, so transferring the data faster and easier.

In general, Whatsapp for PC works well, but it completely depends on the phone. You can chat directly from your computer, but the number of mkononiLazima to be connected at any time. With this in mind the deficit,Put behind their opponents and LOGIN Telegram, each of which has its own different versions of the desktop.

Should I wait?

WhatsApp users who have been on the desktop for many years, and finally it is, though not 100%, what I was expecting. Although the version works very wellAnd provides all the same karibumakala that the mobile version does not have one of the most important in the ability to work independently of each other. We can only hope that Facebook, which was given for use in 2014, and found that a refusal could be a surprise in the next report.

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