WordPress 3.3 x64 free download torrent

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WordPress 3.3 x64 free download torrent

WordPress 3.3

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WordPress 3.3

WordPress is probably the most elegant and professional blogging platform. If you want to start blogging, you can not make a much better choice.

Although Google’s blogger, for many years Asencio, WordPress is now much more useful Weesen offers much more customization, management of publishingAnd an easy installation of the first.

WordPress is a project jointly led by a large number of topics hiljadaDostupne developed by enthusiastic users. Forums for community support is wonderful and publish every door, WordPress is better and become better.

In order to createYour own WordPress blog, you need a server to download WordPress. In addition, you can use your own blogging service for all the hard work without the need for your own hetbediener. It’s not in this way, makes position control as much about your blog – for example, youCan not use Google ads on the host.

Everything that you do in WordPress using the control panel is placed intuitively. Here you can edit the posts here in the wysigen management comments and, of course, write blogs. Adding multimedia content through integrationYouTube enter just requires you to convert the video to install it on your blog. The only problem that you may have to include is the possibility of video with less hetbekend video sites and media, because WordPress is very interesting when it can be pitanjuVideo.

One of the mostA powerful WordPress feature is the ability to add plug-ins. They range from Akismet spam filters for shooting to stop blogs that collect comments for spam to comment on subscriptions and static monitoring plug-ins.

In fact, WordPress has it all.If you want to be serious about blogging, then this is the perfect start.



Tracking Type File – Button to Download

Drag-and-drop Drag-and-drop media loader

A new toolbar on the control panel, a combination of administrative red tapeAnd the Chief Administrator

Bypass design of several screens, including the iPad / tablet support

Fliout menu so one-click access to any New User Experience screen

New feature indicators, helping users to new features

Screen after updateop

Appointment tablaDobrodošli room for new installationsContent tools

Better co-editing immediately instead of releasing locks

Tumblr importer

Do not lose when you are widgets In the context of improving Hood

Use the postname structure of permanent links without penalty by the executive

Improved APIs

FunctionIs_main_kueri () and VP_Kueri

Remove the big symbols of the servant brojFunkipost

JQuery JQuery UI and a new screen API for adding help adapters to the context screen

Improved performance improvements in the metadata API and hundreds of bug fixes

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