We offer a wide range of services at competitive rates for all types of transfer for individuals or small groups.
Among the most requested services we can list:

– transfer service to restaurant for lunch or dinner, giving you the chance to spend a pleasant evening, without making you weigh the consumption of alcohol or about your safety. There will always be our car and our driver to bring you back comfortably at home;

– wedding service. We offer our cars to accompany the bride to church and to accompany the guests at the ceremony and the reception. Everyone can have fun without thinking about how to get back after the celebrations;

– service for marriage proposals, wedding anniversaries or Valentine’s Day. We provide our cars to make you spend an evening or a day decidedly different. We give you the opportunity to “set up” the car as you want, ask us about flowers, cool champagne and glasses in the car and so on. We also have the ability to better organize all your “event”;

– transfer service to the theater;

– oldest people accompanying service to clinics for medical tests or visits to friends and relatives in hospital or any other duties away from home.

– service for disabled. With our vehicles equipped with footboard we can offer adequate services and professional also for people with disabilities.